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Why you should use Google Analytics in Your Marketing Plan

Google analytics is one of the best tools out there to track your online marketing activity. 

One of my favorite things about Google Analytics is the ability to create goals and then track which source of traffic is converting the best. 

If you use the goal section which is located in the admin section and use it together with the assisted conversions tool within the Google analytics platform it will show you how every single channel makes an impact in your conversion columns. 

A HUGE mistake that I see business owners make is assuming that one channel is 100% in charge of getting all of their conversions. 

So what do those business owners end up doing? They shut off everything but the channel that is supposedly getting 100% of the conversions. 

What most of these business owners will soon realize when they do this is they will end up breaking their marketing system. 

And one of my golden rules when it comes to systems is to be EXTREMELY careful about making decisions without understanding how one thing in the system can impact the other. 

The example I always use is if you took the wheel off of the car how far do you think the car will go? Does the car still work? 

The obvious answer is...it kind of works.

And that right there demonstrates the power of a system. Every piece of the system is important and must be optimized if you are going to get the optimal results. 

So my favorite things to track and use in the Google Analytics platform are the following

  1. the source of traffic 
  2. time on site 
  3. country and region 
  4. new visitors versus returning visitors
  5. how many pages were visited 
  6. conversion paths 
  7. revenue generated

I track those particular metrics because they give me information on what decisions I should make next. 

For example, if I isolate the source of traffic and then use the goal of how many pages that source of traffic visited, it can tell me if that particular type of traffic is actually impacting the goals or if I need to look elsewhere for different traffic. 

So remember the entire purpose of tracking your data on Google analytics is not to just only know your statistics but to use those statistics to help you make profitable decisions. 



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