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Why Video Marketing Needs to Be a Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Video is one of the best ways to demonstrate what your company stands for and it allows you to build a deeper relationship with your customers. Video gives you the opportunity to do more than just text only and if you do it right you can win over customers and their loyalty for a long time. Customers want to see that you care about more than just making money. They want to see that you want to help other people solve problems and they want to see that there is more to you than just your product or service. Think about companies that are very successful in the long term. They typically spend more of their time thinking about how they can develop a deeper connection with their customers and start with that goal in their mind before anything else. Video is one of the closest things you can do to being in person with someone. Think about some of the people that you follow online and how you legitimately feel like you know them even though you have never met them. That is because of video. As human beings we want to connect with each other and when we see something that makes us want to laugh, cry, be better or inspires us, it triggers something inside that makes us want to connect with that video. At the end of the day it is all about connecting with each other and when you utilize video in your strategy you will see how much more of an impact you can have not only in your business but in the world. When it comes to video marketing don't get too caught up in the how long it should be but instead focus more on the message of the video and what you would like your customers to feel. Video is all about feeling and driving emotion and demonstrating that even if you are a company you still have emotions and feelings as well. Like Richard Branson says never forget what a company actually is and that is a company is simply just a group of people working together. If you focus on creating a strong emotional and powerful message then the length of the video simply won't matter. My example is when we go to a movie they are several hours long and we still pay for them and we have paid for them for years!!!

Now that does not mean that because a movie is several hours long it is not going to be of value to us... instead what it means is customers are willing to watch as long as they have to IF they are interested in the message.

So start getting creative and start making emotionally charged stories like the one above created by Stiry!

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