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When is the best time to use Youtube Ads?

There are two main ways that I have used in the past when it comes to using Youtube advertising. 

The first way is to use it to cold traffic (people who have never heard of you) to help you build a retargeting audience.

The beauty of using Youtube ads in the top of your sales funnel is it is extremely  cheap to get someone on your list. 

Typically expect to pay 30 cents or less per pixel lead. The beauty of this type of lead is they have at least watched 30 seconds of one of your videos and if you do your targeting right it will be highly targeted. 

I typically recommend using the placements or keywords option to make sure that you are targeting the most relevant audiences. 

For example, if you are targeting people who have looked up real estate then you can place your Youtube ad in front of them. 

Another example is if you are targeting people who are watching a specific channel on Youtube such as Oprah.

If you are targeting people that you know are really interested in topics Oprah is talking about and if that is your target audience then that is the best way I suggest targeting on cold traffic using Youtube ads. (It's all about the targeting)

The second way that I use Youtube ads is for retargeting people who have visited your website.

The reason why this method is effective is you are targeting a high intent audience that maybe didn't convert right away since over 90% of visitors don't convert on the first exposure to your website. 

With that being said a follow up video of what your product can do for them or even a follow up video on who you or your company are will help push the prospect over the edge. 

Most of the time we as consumers need a little push in order to take action and video is a GREAT way to showcase what you and your company can do for the prospect. 

I want you to keep in mind that in many cases based on reports and analytics that the average person needs to see your offer at least 3 times before they decide to purchase. 

If you have a higher priced product then they will most likely need to see it even more than that before they make a decision. 

Youtube ads are great for selling e-commerce products and/or personal branding. Get creative when you are using Youtube ads and like always test, test, test.

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