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What Type of Content Should I Post For My Business

When it comes to figuring out what type of content you should post for your business the first thing you want to focus on is knowing who you’re making the content for.

The thing you want to pay attention to is when you’re creating your content  you want it  to help your audience solve a problem or entertain the audience that you’re trying to focus on.

Now there’s different formats to create such as video, audio, text, but the biggest thing you want to focus on is making sure that you’re paying attention to your data so you know what type of content is working well for you and what type is not because once you figure out the type of content that's working really well for you you’ll want to focus more of your energy, time and your resources into creating more of it.

The biggest mistake businesses do when it comes to creating content is they usually aren’t creating enough content that they need in order to make an impact. Social media/marketing channels in general are so saturated with people trying to get their message across that when you just post once a week or once in a while or even once a month you can’t really gain any traction.

When you are doing content marketing you have to post multiple times per day consistently and you have to have good content in order to truly make a difference that you’re looking to make with your social media or your Internet marketing presence.

Once you find what's working when it comes to the content that is resonating with your audience then what you want to do is you’ll want to focus on how you can make more of it faster/better and at some point you may want to develop a team to surround you so that you can go ahead and make a content marketing machine.

By investing in this machine it will help you to stay consistent. Consistency is so important because even if your content is OK you’ll still beat someone who has great content but only posts once every four months because you’ll have that top of mind awareness.

Investing in content marketing is a very good strategy because although it will not provide returns immediately it does compound and the more content you put out, the more body of work that you have, the more distribution that you have the better chance of you getting found, contacted and able to either sell your product/service or pick up new clients.

The purpose of content marketing is to be able to show what not only your company can do but what your personality of either your business or yourself is so that people can feel like they can trust you and are willing to start working with you for the long term.

It is better to be regarded as an expert in your field because if you are the expert you will be able to speed up your sales cycle because the content will be doing a lot of the leg work before the prospect is ready to buy and then it makes sales much easier! 

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