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What to Do When You First Start Doing E-Commerce


When you are doing E-commerce for the first time the first thing that everyone thinks about is sales. And that makes sense because without sales you do not have a business. 

But the thing that you have to keep in mind is if you are planning on being in business for a prolonged period of time then you want to be very strategic about what you do and when you do it. 

So instead of trying to hurry and rush to the sales these are the steps that I suggest you start off with.

First  you have to look at your store like it is an in person store. A HUGE mistake business owners make when they are doing business online is they forget that although you can track everything numerically...those numbers are still people. 

You have to focus on the overall experience of your customer if you want them to start buying things on your site. 

Here is an in person example that may help you put yourself in that mindset.

If you had a retail store in the mall and you wanted to increase sales the first thing that you would need is traffic (Paid Ads and Organic Traffic) to your store in order to sell your products. (You can't sell an empty chair or store)

Once you build up the traffic the next thing you would have to do is you would start paying attention to the behavior of your traffic (Google Analytics and Pixel Data) and see how they interact in your store. 

Are your customers looking at any particular products more than others or are they completely ignoring a certain part of your store? 

Then you would start to figure out what kind of person seems to be buying your products (Audience Building) and how much of those products are they buying. 

Then you would start to focus on getting more traffic from those types of customers into your store. (Lookalike and Similar Audiences)

The next step would be you would start to reorganize your store in a way that would make your target customers more and more attracted to coming back and telling their friends. (Retargeting Campaigns)

This is the exact process that you would do for your online store. And the tools below are what you will want to utilize when you are building up your store 

-Google Analytics Installed Correctly

-Social Media Pixels Installed 

-Google Ads Tracking Installed 

The reason why you want to make sure that all of these are installed is they will be able to help give you the information that you need in order to optimize your stores presence online. (Conversion Optimization)

The data that these tools will gather will drive the decisions that you will make in the future to get the results and sales that you want. 

So what you need to do when you are first starting out is to mimic this entire process that I wrote about above and do the following three steps in this order

Step 1- Install all pixels onto your store

Step 2- Start driving traffic to your store both organically and using paid ads

Step 3- Start optimizing for the results in your store such as add to carts and ultimately purchases

If you have a product that your market wants and you put the right messages in front of your audience then you should be able to get pretty good results. 

The caveat to this is you cannot rush through this process and hope to see long term results. 

Take your time to observe and analyze and if you don't have the time to do it yourself find someone who can help you! 


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