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What I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk on The Power of Youtube Advertising

In this video I go over what I have learned from Gary Vaynerchuk the CEO of Vaynermedia. 

Gary V is someone that I consider to be ahead of the curve and he shared something on his Linkedin channel today that really stuck with me. 

That thing was Youtube advertising and how most marketers either don't know how to use the advertising platform or that they may not even know that it is a viable marketing channel. 

Right now every marketer is mostly focused on the use of Facebook ads or Instagram marketing but what is being ignored is how targeted Youtube can be. 

The goal of every marketer is to find the right "message to market" match and the way that you do that is your creative must be good AND you must have the right targeting in place. 

If your targeting is not specific to your core audience then your results will not be optimal. 

So with that being said the big difference between Facebook/Instagram ads and Youtube ads are one is interruption marketing and the other is placement marketing. 

On Facebook and Instagram people are on there to be entertained and to see what their friends and family are up to.

In other words they are being more passive and not actively searching anything. 

The beauty of Youtube is it is owned by Google and because of that their intent is much higher. 

When people go to Youtube they are in the mindset to watch videos therefore the average time people will watch your video is significantly higher. 

The other great thing about the Youtube platform is the person is actively searching a specific subject which shows that they are interested in that specific subject therefore if you put your video in front of an interested person... the results will be much better. 

One of the biggest reasons why people hate ads so much is they tend to be too general which means the advertiser is not targeting the right people and when you target the wrong crowd with the wrong message they get upset. 

So as a marketer there are several things that are currently happening in the marketplace that should get everyone's attention and that is the increase in popularity of videos and audio such as podcasts. 

With that being said it would make sense to align your business or brand with marketing that is up to date such as video and audio. 

Well...Youtube is the biggest video platform out there and it also gets the most marketing video consumption. 

And marketing consumption is the key to having successful marketing campaigns in my opinion because I believe the longer someone is paying attention to you the more influence you can have on their decisions on whether to buy from you or not. 

Also video gives you a great opportunity to showcase your personality of yourself or your business and it allows for deeper learning from the consumer perspective. 

So if you are a marketer or business owner trying to use digital marketing as a way to grow your business then I would definitely pay attention to Youtube advertising. 

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