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What I have Learned From Facebook Advertising (Both Facebook And Instagram Ads)

In this newer age of how business is done there is no doubt that Facebook advertising which is both Facebook ads and Instagram ads plays a MAJOR role in your success. 

If you want to succeed using Facebook advertising then you are going to want to know all of the rules, learn how their machine works, and focus on following the best advertising practices. 

Read the tips below to learn about some of the things I have experienced while running successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

Facebook Ads tends to have an older demographic 35+ years old who is much more active on the platform than the younger demographic that lives on Instagram which is 18-24 years old. 

When you are running Facebook advertising it is really important to understand what types of businesses tend to do well. 

Any business that is in the service industry seems to do really well because of the ability of Facebook to not only target the right users but it also has the chat capability that is much more user friendly and catered to conversation than Instagram.

If you use Facebook ads in the way they were designed, which is to provide a good user experience, then you will see a much better return on your ad spend (ROAS) because on Facebook it is all about relationships. 

When you are running ads make sure to not underestimate the user experience on your website or even when people are commenting on your posts. 

Facebook will use how you interact with your target audience and give it a score.

I believe that the quality scores of the ads play a major role in achieving your core objectives which is more leads and sales. 

If your quality ranking scores are really low then Facebook will essentially start to show your ads to less and less people while driving your advertising costs way up. 

In order to get a better quality score it will be all about targeting the right audience, using the right messaging, and participating in the conversations. 

Just because you are selling online does not mean that you want to ignore your customers. 

Respond back to any positive and/or negative feedback to see how you can improve your online relationships.

Instagram Ads seems to be a platform that is a little bit different than Facebook ads in the sense that Instagram is all about the visual and getting strong social signals. 

Instagram ads seems to be a great tool to build a brand, social credibility and proof. 

The pictures and videos that are used on Instagram allow you to visually educate, inform, and entertain in a more aesthetically pleasing way. 

Now the disadvantage of using Instagram marketing especially if you are a service business is it is not as user friendly to generate quality conversations so if you are looking to generate conversations Instagram would not be the first place that I would recommend. 

But if you are looking to build a brand and tell a story using pictures and videos so you can send them to your website to buy then I would without a doubt recommend using Instagram ads. 

I have had some really successful campaigns using Instagram especially in the clothing business. 

It seems that the clothing business does well on Instagram mostly because clothing  is more of an impulse buy. 

Instagram advertising seems to be perfect for the impulse buy because the entire system is based off of impulse reactions such as the like option. 

On Instagram the ads tend to cost a little bit more per click than Facebook and my theory to that is because Instagram has trained it's audience to "like" posts and there are no places in the descriptions organically to put links to click thru it is a little harder to get people to hop off of Instagram because they have not been trained like Facebook. 

But you could argue that the audience quality may be higher because people will ONLY click if they are interested because they love to stay on Instagram so much. 

Facebook and Instagram Ads Targeting 

When you are targeting audiences both on Facebook and Instagram you can target almost anything. 

Anything from job descriptions to interest based audiences. What I have found is it seems like the Facebook ads placement targeting is a little bit more accurate than Instagram. 

My theory is because Facebook has been around so much longer and has been able to gather so much more data it will be a little bit more accurate. 

The other thing to think about is Facebook also has more advantages than Instagram when it comes to the share capability is a little bit more user friendly, the comment section is a little bit more user friendly, and there are just more things that a user can do on Facebook that Facebook can base data off of versus Instagram seems to be a little bit more limited in options (although it is growing).

Facebook placements targeting you can get a little bit more narrow on your targeting and get better results than Instagram it seems like. 

Where I believe Instagram Ads really shines though is if you use the lookalike or remarketing custom audiences. 

This is where you are targeting people based off of the pixels and profile actions. If you are using this information think about how many data points you are allowing Instagram to use so it can help find people who are performing certain behaviors. 

Although that doesn't seem like it is that much different than interest or job based targeting...it totally is! 

The behavior and actions that someone takes is a much stronger data point than just what product they own or job they work at. 

What these pixels are really good at is being able to take behaviors of the users on their platforms and predict with pretty close accuracy on what they will do next. 

When you can use information like that...consider it marketing data on STEROIDS. 

Combining Facebook and Instagram Advertising Placements 

A technique that I really like to use when it comes to combining the two advertising placements is retargeting. 

Combining both platforms to retarget your custom audiences which you have built (remember these are based off of taking actions on your websites and profiles) is really effective. 

The reason why it is so effective is you will be able to cover a lot of the social media real estate between newsfeed placements, stories placements, explore placements, marketplace placements, audience network placements, messenger placements and video placements. 

Every day it seems like Facebook and Instagram are creating new placements to put advertising inventory in.

So combining the two really makes sense because it will give your advertising and branding the "surround sound effect" (which is basically your customers are seeing you everywhere)

Combining the two platforms is also a great way to follow the marketing rule of 7 (which is increasing to be more by the day because of how many distractions we have).

The average customer has to see your brand at least 7 times before they take an action. And when you are combining those two platforms you are able to achieve that in a much quicker time frame. 

Using social media advertising such as Facebook and Instagram is a great way to grow your business but you have to know what you are doing so if you ever need help with your marketing feel free to reach out and schedule a free consultation here!

Also make sure to check out my YouTube Channel  for more marketing videos on how to grow your business. 

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Hope you enjoyed this blog post and share it with your fellow marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owner friends! 



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