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This SHOCKINGLY HUGE MISTAKE most business owners make that prevent them from growing their business

Most business owners and entrepreneurs make a huge mistake when it comes to growing their business and most of the time they don't even realize that they are making it.

What they are not focusing on is their customer and all of their pain, frustrations, fears, worries, concerns and every other emotion that they are feeling in order to make a decision. Instead business owners and entrepreneurs are focusing all of their energy on "themselves" and not focusing on adding value to their customers at a high level.

They are not creating the emotional charge that they need to in order to get their customers to take action. Instead they are focusing too much on just the features that they offer and even worse assuming that the customer even cares about what they have to offer.

As business people our job is to create the buying environment to create massive desire for customers to want to do business with us. The customer owes us nothing and we cannot be entitled to think just because we have a business and that it is special to us...that somehow that makes it special to the customer. Instead we have to demonstrate that what we have to offer is superior, solves their problems, reduces their anxiety, increases their pride of doing business with us, and that we are adding value to their lives by being a part of it.

Don't take for granted the opportunity that you have in front of you to serve your customer at the highest level by not deeply thinking about ALL of the reasons why they are hesitant.

A key note to take from what I am saying is if what you are currently doing is not getting you the results that you want in your business then it is time to change and make some adjustments.

When you are promoting your business you should feel like you are being slightly over promotional because most businesses are not doing enough in order to persuade their customers.

What we are taught many times is to not be over promotional or that somehow by showcasing what you are doing is bad. If you think about it by not sharing what you do and how you can help the customer... that can be considered the most selfish thing you could do because you are focusing too much on self and not enough on serve.

Focusing on yourself is what makes selling and marketing hard for most people because they are thinking too much about how uncomfortable "they"feel or how will their family and friends perceive "their" promotional efforts, or if you become too successful how will that make the people around view "you"

But none of that really matters because if you notice what I just mentioned above you will realize none of those scenarios had even an ounce of thought about the customer and what they need therefore nothing happens.

If you are totally focused on what the customer needs and how you can best serve them then you will not have time to think about all of the things in your head because your mind is only focused on one thing...the customer.

Suddenly when you focus on the customer and all of their needs your mind starts to quiet down, your anxiety goes away, your insecurities start to shrink, and your joy for your business starts to go up.

These are all things that I believe business owners intend to bring to the market but they just have to get out of their own way. I say these things because I have been there many times before and have made those very same mistakes. So we are all in on this together.

So let's focus on the customer and what they need and how we can best serve them and watch how your sales and marketing suddenly become more effective and you start to see the results that you truly desire.

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