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The CARDINAL SIN in Marketing and Business!!!!

 One of the biggest mistakes most business owners and entrepreneurs make is they assume that everyone buys exactly like they buy. 

What I mean by this is buyers all buy on their time, when they feel like it, and from the media platform that they like most to buy from. 

So I hear business owners say that they have never bought anything from a Facebook or Instagram ad....therefore they assume that everyone else doesn't buy from Facebook or Instagram as well. 

The problem with this thinking is if you were to behave in that manner and treat your business like none of your customers are on these social media platforms because you think it is "stupid" then you are missing out on a huge opportunity! 

That brings me to my next point which is most business owners are only thinking about themselves and what they want versus what their customers want. 

Business owners are constantly wondering and thinking about how do they make the most money in the shortest amount of time while having ABSOLUTELY ZERO interaction with their customer?

If you think this way you are going to make vastly different business and marketing choices versus if you were obsessed with your customers and how you could help them succeed. 

The example I would like to give that relates to this style of selfish thinking...if you have a family and you want to help raise a happy and healthy environment but you are always you could get your family to do everything for you while not giving anything of value back to long do you think until your family starts to resent you? 

Probably pretty quickly right? But if you were to start thinking about how you could make their lives better and put their needs first they would be more receptive to any of your offers and ideas that you gave them! 

This is what I suggest you do for your customers. Look at them as your family and that you want to put them first so they can succeed and in return for your gifts to them they will allow you to earn their business. 

This is almost a counterintuitive belief when it comes to building a business but it works. Look at one of the richest people in the world... Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon. 

I don't think it is a coincidence that one of his quotes is 

”The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth's most customer-centric company.”

and he also happens to be one of the wealthiest human beings in the world. 

We as business owners and entrepreneurs should pay very close attention to this kind of thinking because I think there is something to it. 

The law of reciprocity is a very powerful law which is if you give something to someone the other person feels a very strong desire to give you something back. 

That is what I think is going on here so make sure that you are not assuming that every customer does things exactly as you do because I can assure you that they do not and by having those kinds of thoughts they will keep you in a self centered box (which is not good for business)


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Video Transcript Below 

00:00:00.269 --> 00:00:03.720
hey guys what's going on it's me greg

00:00:01.920 --> 00:00:05.940
marshall and today i want to talk to you

00:00:03.720 --> 00:00:08.429
about something real quick which is make

00:00:05.940 --> 00:00:10.710
sure you're not making the cardinal sin

00:00:08.429 --> 00:00:14.360
in marketing and growing your business

00:00:10.710 --> 00:00:17.910
which is assuming that everybody buys

00:00:14.360 --> 00:00:20.699
exactly like you and i hear business

00:00:17.910 --> 00:00:23.430
owners say this very often where they

00:00:20.699 --> 00:00:25.980
say well I never buy things off of a TV

00:00:23.430 --> 00:00:28.289
commercial or I never buy things off of

00:00:25.980 --> 00:00:31.410
a direct mail piece or I never buy

00:00:28.289 --> 00:00:34.680
anything off of social media or any

00:00:31.410 --> 00:00:36.930
other channel for that matter and you've

00:00:34.680 --> 00:00:39.090
got to be very careful when making this

00:00:36.930 --> 00:00:42.059
assumption that everyone buys like you

00:00:39.090 --> 00:00:44.700
because if you do that you're gonna have

00:00:42.059 --> 00:00:47.489
no clients or very minimal clients if

00:00:44.700 --> 00:00:50.489
your target market does not match

00:00:47.489 --> 00:00:53.730
exactly how you think so be very very

00:00:50.489 --> 00:00:56.640
careful on making the assumption that

00:00:53.730 --> 00:01:00.359
everyone buys liked you because they

00:00:56.640 --> 00:01:03.180
don't oftentimes people by the way they

00:01:00.359 --> 00:01:05.489
like to buy at the time that they like

00:01:03.180 --> 00:01:08.640
to buy in the channel that they like to

00:01:05.489 --> 00:01:11.040
buy when they feel like it so don't make

00:01:08.640 --> 00:01:14.340
the mistake of assuming that everyone

00:01:11.040 --> 00:01:17.430
buys exactly like you because that would

00:01:14.340 --> 00:01:19.290
be a foolish assumption and by making

00:01:17.430 --> 00:01:21.960
that assumption you will be missing out

00:01:19.290 --> 00:01:27.030
on a lot of sales and a lot of revenue

00:01:21.960 --> 00:01:28.590
if your target market is not you so I

00:01:27.030 --> 00:01:30.930
just wanted to make this quick video

00:01:28.590 --> 00:01:33.150
because I do know that's the cardinal

00:01:30.930 --> 00:01:35.310
sin of marketing growing a business is

00:01:33.150 --> 00:01:37.770
assuming that everyone is just like you

00:01:35.310 --> 00:01:41.240
so like comment share subscribe do all

00:01:37.770 --> 00:01:41.240
that and I'll talk to you guys later

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