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Should you spend money on social media for Physical Therapists

In this video I interview Physical Therapist Cameron Garber on the use of social media advertising and why it is so effective building up his physical therapy practice.

There are so many hesitations to using social media and how you should correctly use it especially in the health and wellness space that I wanted to provide some key insights into what has worked for me and other personal trainers, physical therapists, and doctors!

A few questions that you are going to want to answer are

  • do you have a systematic way of currently generating leads? 
  • do you have your sales process defined and documented? 
  • is your customer journey mapped out and documented? 
  • have you created and documented a follow up process? 
  • do you know what your business numbers are? 


Action Steps 

  1. get a sheet of paper out and write down every marketing channel you have acquired patients from 
  2. assign a monetary value to each marketing channel so you know what gets you the best ROI (return on investment)
  3. write down how much you have invested in marketing and how many patients you have acquired and assign a customer acquisition cost
  4. write down how much each patient has paid you in the lifetime of using your services and establish a lifetime value or a projected lifetime value 
  5. write down your average sales price (think cashflow) 
  6. write down and determine how much you are willing to spend to acquire a customer 

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