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Marketing is always the same the distribution just changes

I was having a conversation with a client and they had asked about what if all of Facebook or Social Media went down tomorrow then what would happen to how we market?

My response was pretty simple. Learn the new way to communicate with people. Marketing is not Facebook, Instagram, Blogging, Email or any of those other channels.

Those are channels of communication and distribution. I believe marketing is a mindset in which you are thinking about what the prospects may want or need.

Marketing is about communication and touching the prospect in the heart with what matters to them. The flaw in thinking that marketing is just digital or print is you will be more likely to focus on the wrong things.

The message is the MOST important part about marketing. Choosing to share your message using pictures, words, video, audio is just the DISTRIBUTION.

Marketing in it's simplest definition would be communicating powerfully enough to build desire into a long term relationship that can last a lifetime.

The goal in marketing is to communicate in such a way that the prospect feels that you already know him/her. Marketing in business is about people and building connection because at the end of the day that is an innate human desire which is to connect with others.

Focusing on connecting with people and providing them solutions that help them overcome an obstacle, feel pleasure, or any other type of positive emotion is a good place to put your energy towards.

Knowing the technicalities of the platforms you are going to use and how to best maximize them is important but second to knowing the psychology of connecting with your prospect!

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