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Marketing Efficiency and Why It's Important

When it comes to investing in your marketing you want to make sure that you are doing everything that you can in order to maximize not only your financial returns but also your return on time. 

If you are going to do marketing activities you might as well do them consistently and think long term.

With my clients I consistently talk about having goals that are twelve months long. 

The reason why I like twelve months is the time frame is long enough to think longer term versus (today only thinking) but short enough to get excited about. 

Something I see a lot of businesses do (including myself in the past) is they focus all of their energy and money on trying to reach new people but forget to follow up with the people that they have already paid to get in front of. 

What this causes is you the business owner spending a lot of money reaching more people who have never heard of you which is good. But the bad part about it is the likelihood of someone buying from you the very first time they see an ad from you is insanely low. 

Think about your own buying often do you buy something immediately the very first time you are exposed to the ad? 

If you are like most people (not all) then the answer is very rarely.

Well if you never spend any advertising dollars following up with the people you spent money on in the first place to get in front of then you are leaving a lot of money on the table! 

This is where I think businesses become turned off on spending money on advertising because they are not doing it in a systematic way with a goal and a strategy in place to reach their goal. 

Yes marketing is very expensive if you do it exactly the same way most businesses are doing it which is spending money on just the first part of the marketing which is the awareness part and neglecting completely the second part which is to follow up.

If you do that you are very likely to lose a lot of money and see no value in marketing. 

BUT if you create marketing systems that allow you to follow up with people on a consistent basis and build a relationship with your prospect then that is where the money is truly made. 

I wish this was more talked about from marketing professionals because when you hear marketers speaking about their multi million dollar campaigns and the returns that they are getting they almost never address how they did it and the importance of creating that system. 

Instead they leave out a big portion of the information that is necessary in order to successfully complete a strong marketing campaign. 

They leave out the follow up strategy which is in my opinion the most important part. So make sure that you are not making this mistake by not following up with your paid audience and you should start to see your returns increase. 

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