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How we sold over $159,716.13 in one month using Instagram Ads

Below I just want to share with you a few of the strategies that we used to sell over $150 thousand dollars worth of product on Instagram in just a little under 30 days. 

To make sure that I am clear we used paid advertising to accomplish this goal!

So by no means do I want to mislead you into thinking this was done organically in any way. 

The first thing we did was we used a combination of carousel ads and individual images.

After testing over and over and over again with different images and messages on an individual level we found that there were a few pictures that seemed to perform best to our targeted audience. 

So the logic was since we found multiple winners our thought process was why not make a combination all of the winners and scale them up as aggressively as we can since we knew they worked. 

This resulted in getting us a great return on ad spend within our account. The key learning that we found here is testing different images and messages in isolation then combining them once they are getting the return we want is super powerful.

The next thing that we feel impacted the results greatly was we targeted a lookalike audience that was based off of our "ultra repeat buyers".

What this means is we told Facebook and Instagram to target people who have the same characteristics and data points of our most valuable buyers. 

Now, it does take time to build up this data but once you have it, but it seems to be extremely powerful and effective because you are targeting the right people...which are buyers. 

Next we took our targeting even further and we targeted our best buyers which are women.

As we have been running our ads and really fine tuning our audience we have discovered that a HUGE majority of our buyers are women. 

And because of that we wanted to really match our message with the right market so we excluded our ads being shown to men and only showed the ads to women. 

The most important match is the message to market match because even if we had a great product but put it in front of the wrong people there is no way would have gotten the results we did. 

That is exactly why testing over and over and over again is so critical! 

And lastly in order for us to get the targeted return on investment that we wanted we changed the default settings of Optimization For Ad Delivery!

Instead of us optimizing for the lowest cost conversions we changed it to optimize for the highest value. 

The difference in that optimization strategy is it communicates with Facebook and Instagram that instead of getting you lower cost per purchases it will go after the customers that will purchase the most. 

This significantly helps with increasing your Return on Ad Spend and making your advertising more profitable. 

We have learned a lot over the last 30 days and we will continue to test and optimize to keep getting better results. 

You can never rest on your laurels when you are doing advertising so we will keep you updated as we move forward. 

If you ever need help with your paid advertising make sure to reach out! 


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