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How to Use Video Marketing to Increase Your Reach and Grow Your Business


If you are looking to grow your business and increase your reach then I will share with you a few tips on how you can do that using video marketing. 

The tips that I am going to share with you have helped my clients get hundreds of thousands of minutes watched with their videos. 

Think about what that would do for your business and your brand if you were able to get more people to watch your content. 

So here are the steps that you want to follow if you are looking to use video marketing to grow your brand. 

Decide who your target audience is - before you go off creating your videos make sure you have a picture perfect idea of who your ideal customer is first. 

The reason why you want to figure out the "who" first is if you know who you are trying to connect with you will be able to do a better job of creating content that will resonate with them. 

Instead of making a video and then finding people to watch it start with knowing who has a challenge that I can help solve and then make a video surrounding that topic! 

Create a storytelling/educational/entertaining video - the big mistake most people and businesses make when they are creating videos and content in general is they are too anxious to sell their products. 

They want to immediately go for the close instead of trying to figure out how to establish a relationship and provide value. 

Do whatever you can to avoid this temptation of trying to sell too fast because if you do you will not be able to effectively grow your audience to it's full potential.

We all know that we want more sales in business but the way you go about it will be the difference between if you are really successful or not. 

Create content that entertains, teaches, or story-tells so it can create a value exchange between you and your customers. 

Invest the time, energy, and resources into your customers and you WILL get a return back. You get what you put into it so if you are looking for long term sustainable growth invest in your customers and especially in providing value for them. 

Create a custom/remarketing audience - on most of the social media platforms you can create custom audiences of people who have watched or seen a certain video that you have put out there. 

The beauty of using this technique is you are being super targeted and you are able to build out a funnel to people who are most likely interested in your business because they have watched your videos. 

When you are doing marketing this targeted your results and return on investment will be greater because you are limiting marketing waste. 

Once you have the audience all you have to do is focus on fine tuning your messaging and relationship building. 

Create a follow up video to your custom/remarketing audience - once you have your target audience and they have watched one of your videos the next thing you are going to want to do is have a follow up video based on what your subject matter is. 

You want the video to be an extension of the story and value that you are trying to provide.

When creating and sharing this video think through how the natural progression of what you are trying to accomplish should look like. 

What should the customer see next to learn more? What added value can you provide to move the relationship forward? 

Those are the questions you want to be asking yourself as you are creating your videos because remember you are trying to build relationships and connection not just transactions!

Create a lookalike audience of your custom/remarketing audiences - after you have your successfully engaged custom audience of people watching your videos then the next thing you will want to do is create a look alike audience. 

By creating this type of audience your marketing will become more effective because once you are able to have your "finely tuned audience" you can have these platforms help you find more customers that fit your customer avatar. 

When you are able to find more of these customers your marketing efforts will become more effective and they will become cheaper. 

Because they will become cheaper and more effective that will end up increasing your return on investment!!! 

Hope you found this article helpful if you ever need help feel free to reach out to me or read more blog posts

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