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How to Use Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

In this video I go over what to do in order to grow your business. Some of the key factors that I go over are some of the metrics that I like to pay attention to.

Some of those metrics are cost per ten second video view, watch through rate, and relevance score.

These are typically metrics that are used to figure out if your video has a positive or negative performance and what you can improve on.

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ALSO before I forget....

Below is a link of one of my campaigns that I have been running. It is for one of my clients and it has over 1 million views 👀

On this post I wanted to share one of my campaigns and the thought 💭process behind it.

So what I have found to work when it comes to getting good results with video marketing are

1- the video content has to be good and tell a story

2- your advertising targeting needs to be dialed in

3- pay close attention to your key metrics in order to maximize your videos potential

4- a few of those key metrics that I like to pay attention to are relevance score and cost per 10 second view

5- utilize “ad stacking” to juice up the ad and lower the cost

6- pay close attention to video watch through rate 25-100 %

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