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How to Scale Your Facebook Ads Correctly

In this video I go over how to scale your Facebook Ads Correctly. When you are using Facebook Ads you have to make sure that you are doing it in an organized fashion with the long term in mind.

Think about your Facebook Ads account like you are building a house. You need to work on it step by step and each piece that you put together strengthens and improves the foundation.

If you want Facebook Ads to REALLY work for you then you need to make sure you have your Facebook pixels installed correctly, custom conversions events created, your customized reports created and saved, and DOUBLE CHECK to make sure all of your pixels and events are firing.

If they are not firing you will have a very hard time getting Facebook ads to work for you because you are handicapping the data Facebook is gathering.

After you get all of your foundations built the next thing you need to make sure you have is PATIENCE. If you stay patient and think about building your ad account for the long term it will bring you returns if you are consistent and you have a strategy.

If you use the typical "random acts of marketing" which consists of only marketing when you need business instead of creating and optimizing a marketing system then you will get frustrated with your results.

Facebook Ads is like anything worthwhile in takes more time, effort, and commitment to see the results you want but in the end you are glad you did it!

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