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How to Run Instagram Ads

Many businesses are looking to expand and grow their brand particularly in the paid ads space and everyone has been using Facebook ads and maybe they have even been looking into trying Instagram ads. So I am going to share with you what I have learned running Instagram ads and how it can help grow your business.

Growing your business using Instagram ads is going to take focus and testing to figure out what is going to resonate with your audience. Typically when you are running Instagram ads their potential audience size is not as big as Facebook's and the type of audience responds much different than the Facebook audience even if you are targeting the exact same audience.

So here are a few tips on running Instagram ads that will help you reach your objective.

Tip 1 is to make sure you are very clear on what your goal is in your ad campaign. Ask yourself is it to drive email signups, increase your traffic, get sales conversions?

Don't make the mistake of just blindly putting out ads without an end goal in mind because then you will not know what you should be testing and most importantly if you are being successful or not.

Tip 2 is you want to choose the right objective based on your goal and then test different advertising objectives to see which one gives you the results you desire. Sometimes the objective that you think would be the most effective can actually test to be worse then the more logical objective.

For example, it is possible to get more website traffic using video views or the engagement objective than the traffic objective so you want to test several different objectives to optimize your results.

Tip 3 is you are going to want to make sure that your creatives are really strong. Instagram is a visual platform and if you have ads that don't look visually appealing the likelihood of them performing strong with a good click thru rate is not very good.

The reason why you want your creative to be of high quality is when your ad hits the feed you don't want it to stand out so much that the potential customer can see that it is an ad and tune it out.

Advertising and marketing is just like doing a quality job in selling. The best sales presentations are the ones where you can't tell you are being sold to.

Tip 4 is to make your post seem as native as possible where it seems like it is just a normal post. I find that when you post things that come off like a non advertiser posted it, it performs much better than when the advertising screams "sale"

Think of creating ads that look like anyone would just post it on their feed and just sharing information.

Tip 5 is to find posts that performed really well with high engagement and then make a hybrid of an ad that is similar since you know users found it highly interesting in the first place. This is what you call your "unicorn" piece that a lot of other marketers talk about when it comes to content and ads.

And once you find that "unicorn" you are going to want to keep running that ad to as many different audiences as you possibly can to squeeze out the highest return on investment possible. Like a marketing guy I liked to study Eben Pagan used to say...most of your campaigns will not work and that is ok because you are drilling for oil and once you find that oil you use it to it's maximum effectiveness.

Tip 6 is to utilize custom audiences and pixel audiences to remarket to and create lookalike audiences. The more you are creating these specific audiences the more effective your ads will be because you are targeting people that you KNOW will be interested.

That is the equivalent of going into a room of people where 100% of them are interested in buying your product. If you had that audience you would say you have a pretty good chance you are gonna sell something. That is exactly what custom and lookalike audiences are so use them as much as you possibly can.

Instagram is an incredibly effective channel for using ads and the return on ad spend (ROAS) can be very encouraging as long as you follow the rules of effective marketing which is to have a strong and clear message targeted to the right audience!

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