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How to Retarget Your Social Media/Website Following Over To Youtube

If you have built a social media following or a blog following and you are wondering what is a good way to help convert those people into customers then I would suggest you pay close attention to using longer form video marketing to your repertoire.

The channel that I like to use for video marketing specifically paid video marketing is Youtube.

Youtube is a great platform to gain people's attention for more than just 30 seconds because the mindset of someone going to Youtube is they are wanting to watch videos. 

The difference between putting a video on Youtube and putting a video on Facebook or Instagram is the newsfeed.

The way we all navigate the newsfeed is we scroll to see things...which most of the time it is out of boredom or to see what our friends are doing. 

It is very rare for someone to go onto those platforms looking to buy something and that is why when you put a video on those platforms you are using more of a interrupted advertising approach. 

Now retargeting is really effective because if you add into that fact that you are retargeting people that already know you and you are then reaching them on a platform that they are there to watch videos with your advertisement you are more likely to get a higher click through rate and ALSO more likely for the person to consume the content which is what you need in order to sell. 

The other BIG benefit is most social media platforms charge you per video view when someone watches your video for 3 seconds whereas Youtube charges when someone watches your video for 30 seconds. 

Now it does not take a genius to realize that having someone watch you for 3 seconds is hardly making an impact versus someone watching for 30 seconds. 

A lot can be said in 30 seconds and if you do a good job a good majority of people will watch the rest of the video which is the goal of video marketing....get people to watch the WHOLE video. 

So with that being said I highly recommend using paid advertising on the social media platform of your choice and send your followers to your Youtube channel and/or video and then create a retargeting audience using Google Ads to reach them. 

If you ever need more help on how to achieve this send me an email at and let's talk! 


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