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How to Remarket or Retarget Using Paid Ads

The power of remarketing or retargeting is really powerful if you know how to do it right and you have a strategy. What you will need first is your pixels installed on your websites or content in order for them to fire off and put the audience into a organized bucket.

Once you have the right installations in the next thing you will want to do is target activity and behavior that is ultra specific. For example, you will want to target ads towards your fans or your website traffic or wherever your pixel is installed and then have a customized message built just for them.

The key in using remarketing or retargeting is the theory that most of the time people do not act on the first attempt to sell them anything. You want to use remarketing as a way of building a deeper relationship and to get them to be more familiar with your brand.

One thing that I have noticed that works really well is you want to show your audience different images, creatives, and calls to action in a sequence that guides them.

So you want to use the remarketing as a way to mimic in person interactions and then just take them online so you can scale that activity. Just because you are using the internet does not mean that you change the entire way that human beings interact.

You want to be as human and non robotic as possible so people will want to do business with you as opposed to feeling like they are just another number in your "funnel"

So work as hard as you can to make the interactions as human and relationship building as possible and you will see much better results from your paid advertising efforts!

Action steps that you can take right away to start utilizing this are the following

Step 1- create and map out whatever your communications sequence will be in order and documented

Step 2- define what your call to actions will be and what you want your prospects to do once they see your ads

Step 3- track and measure all of your activities and then optimize your pages and communications strategy according to your goals

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