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How to Maximize Facebook Video Ad Marketing

This is a video demonstration of the backend of what I like to use when using Facebook Video Ad Marketing.

Something that I think gets lost in the advertising and marketing space (in my opinion) is the art of the creative and the messaging.

Part of the art of marketing is creating the message to market match and paying almost all of your attention on how to bring those two together.

Focusing on the messaging (emotional part) versus only the technical (logical part) will pay great dividends in the long run.

The process that I like to think through when developing my messaging is first who am I talking to?

Next I think what emotional pain points does my audience have that I need to address?

What language does my audience speak? Is it the language of fear? Language of anxiety? Language of motivation? Language of opportunity?

After I figure out what language they speak next I think about what will be the best way to communicate and reach them? What channels are they in?

After I think about the channels then I think about the mindset that they are in when participating in that channel. Are they in a rush? Just browsing? Bored? Excited?

Finally I ask myself how can I make the person or people I am trying to reach a "superfan" by providing so much value, help, and friendship that they welcome my marketing messages versus resist or tolerate them.

I will leave a few links of the videos that Stiry has made as an example of creating quality content to help drive your business.

Without revealing all of their numbers this company has 15x their ad investment using this content marketing strategy. So this is just one angle you can take to grow your business.

I hope this post helps you!!

Below are the videos that were used which will give you an idea of how to create content for your business. 

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