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How to Market Your Business With No Money

Marketing your business is tricky when you have no budget and resources are tight so you have to be creative. 

Sometimes having limited resources can be a blessing because you will have less marketing waste and you will be more creative with how you solve your marketing challenges. 

What I like to tell my clients over and over again is you will either have to spend money to market your business or you will have to spend time to market your business. 

Usually you have to do both but when resources are limited you will be spending more of your time versus your money and that is ok. 

The advantage of having to be very creative in your marketing is you will be able to fine tune your process and you will know what truly works and what doesn't work. 

The most valuable thing you can figure out is your marketing and sales system and in my opinion the best way to figure that out is to test a lot of things personally and document what works versus what doesn't work so you can optimize. 

The act of spending money on marketing is not what makes marketing successful but rather the act of testing rapidly and documenting your wins and losses is what makes you successful. 

If you are starting from scratch here are a few tips that I can give you to immediately start making an impact based on your work ethic, commitment, and execution. 

  • develop relationships with other bloggers or influencers who already have your audience and strike a marketing deal 
  • research who your target customer audience is and start to send them emails about what you have to offer
  • get endorsed by someone else in your space that is selling to your same customer base but not direct competition and partner with them
  • create an affiliate program and find marketers or people who are willing to market your business for a commission
  • comment on other blogs and pages with the audience you are trying to target and start conversations with the community
  • book free public speaking gigs to talk about solutions that your business solves
  • write blog posts that answer specific questions that your customers have and then start to distribute them across the web
  • use the search.twitter function and look for people who match your ideal customer and then 
  • use the Facebook search option and find people, communities, and pages talking about your  subject of business
  • use the direct message feature on Instagram and reach out to people who are talking about your subject of business

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