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How to Increase Engagement on Instagram

When it comes to increasing engagement on Instagram there are a few things that you want to keep in mind. No matter what social media platform it is they all want you to stay on their platform for as long as possible.

The reason why they care about that is they make their money off of having engaged users so they can sell advertising to companies. So by knowing that they want you to create content that is engaging enough to keep everyone on the platform longer.

 The type of content that you are going to want to create is content that gets a lot of likes, comments, and saves. Also you will want to utilize the new features as they come out such as the Instagram story option. 

A few tips that you can use to increase Instagram engagement are 

  • comment on other people's post and engage with them 
  • double tap (like) other page's posts content 
  • follow other pages that would most likely be interested in what you are posting
  • use relative hashtags 
  • post at the optimal times of the day 
  • post frequently and consistently 
  • create content that triggers emotion 

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