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How to Grow Your Followers On Social Media

If you are looking to grow your following on social media then what I would suggest are several different things. The first thing you are going to want to do is figure out a niche that you are going to create content for.

Once you figure out what niche you are going to serve then you are going to start making content that resonates with that niche.

Once you have the content you will then start to use several different tactics to grow your following. Below are a few action items that you can use to start growing today

  • collaborate with other people who have your targeted audiences and create content specifically for their audience where they distribute your content on their platforms
  • run paid ads to acquire the new followers and just make sure that you are using a very targeted approach when doing so. Once again you are going to want to know exactly who you are trying to target so you can make ads that resonate with them
  • utilize influencer marketing to just simply do a shout out to their fan base letting them know that they should follow you because they endorse you
  • comment on targeted users pages and interact in their community to build up the awareness of your brand
  • get your email list and upload it to your pages and then start to invite those emails to your page
  • send an email out to your list inviting everyone to follow your social media pages
  • give public speeches/media exposure and invite everyone who is watching or listening to follow your pages

Those are just a few tactics you can use to start to grow your following but the most important thing about growing a following is to make sure that you are responding and participating back with your audience.

There is no point of growing an audience if you are going to just let those individuals be left alone because people want to be a part of a community.

Building a following takes time, energy, and effort so you have to be willing to stick it out for the long term and keep your community in mind first before anything else.

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