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How to Grow Your Fitness Business Using Social Media and Internet Marketing

Growing a fitness business can be really challenging as there is a lot of competition in the market. So just like any other competitive space you have to separate yourself from the crowd and really stand out.

There are many different ways to do it such as customer service, customer experience, different ways of communicating and marketing your business, building a great team, unique distribution channels, etc

One strategy that  a lot of fitness professionals use is of course social media. Now social media is definitely a good idea as long as you are utilizing in the most effective way possible.

Just like any other business you have to have a strategy in place in order for it to work for you. Just winging it is going to be a bad strategy because there is too much noise to break through so if you are wanting to know how to grow your fitness business using online strategies then here are a few tips.

Tip 1 - find one to two social media channels that really work for you. Once you find those channels start posting helpful content that would attract your ideal client. The reason why I say one or two social channels instead of all of them is when you are first starting you are going to want to make sure that you are able to cash flow a channel before moving on so you don't burn yourself out. In order for this to work you have to post often so a minimum of once per day but it can be as high as 3-4 times per day. There are scheduling tools out there where you can batch your content distribution so you are not just sitting behind a computer all day.

Tip 2- create 2-3 really strong offerings that resonate with your target audience. For example, if your target customers are moms then make sure to utilize language, pictures, videos and offerings that would attract moms. Find ways to make offers that solve the problems of moms and make their lives easier. By doing that you will display your expertise on training moms which is what they would want as opposed to someone who has never worked with moms before.

Tip 3- allow your ideal customers to try your services out first before you try to sell them. What you want to do is let your ideal customer get an idea of what it is like to utilize your products and services ESPECIALLY if you have good products and services. It is much easier to sell someone the benefits of what you have to offer when they are actually experiencing the benefits of your products and services than if you are just telling them they should buy. EVERYONE is telling them what they should buy instead of demonstrating why they should buy.

Tip 4- make sure to comment on other people's posts and especially when they comment on one of your posts. The purpose of social media is to be social and develop relationships and if you are genuinely being patient and developing a relationship with individuals then eventually you would have earned the right to ask them to buy. The best way to find posts to comment on is utilizing the search and/or hashtag option.

Tip 5- use paid social media advertising to target your audience. Now you must have your targeting right with the right offer in order for this to work. You cannot just throw things out there and you will have to test different creatives as well as different offers to find the ones that work but then once you do you want to scale those up and use them until they stop working. The best way to keep this under control is to calculate your cost per acquisition and your lifetime value of a customer. As long as you are able to acquire customers at break even or at a profit in month one you are in a great place for growth!

Tip 6- collaborate with other large audiences that have your target customer but currently don't have a fitness offering at the moment. This is a very fast way to get your product out there  generating sales and then all  you have to do is negotiate a commission split that works for the both of you. Make sure you offer a fair deal to the bloggers/influencers in order for this to work long term.

Tip 7- create an offer to get email subscribers to your list so you can then do email marketing to them with helpful content and then direct sales. The email list converts at a much higher rate than social media ads do so try your best to get your social media followers to join your email list too. Because once you have their email address and they are on your social media platforms you have two opportunities for them to see your message and convert.

Those are just 7 tips that you can use to grow your fitness business online. The key takeaway from this post is there are a lot of different ways you can grow your business online all you have to do is be creative and action oriented.

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