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How to get more clients, revenue, and business using social media

Social media in my opinion is one of the best ways to grow your business if you do it right. The main thing you have to focus on when you are using social media is to develop a systematic approach to growing your sales and revenue.

The most important part about running ads and building a following is having a systematic approach to warming prospects up, showing them what you have to offer, how you can help them, and then of course selling them on your services.

The biggest mistake that business owners and individuals make when they want to do social media marketing is they do not take the time to build awareness and warm up their audience. This comes from a lack of clarity and goal setting.

First you want to know what you are trying to accomplish with social media marketing. If you don't know what you want, you cannot build a repeatable system for growth. And if you don't have a system for growth then you are going to miss out on BIG opportunities.

So outline exactly what your sales/marketing system will be as far as the flow of everything. A good question to ask yourself while you are trying to create your system is how do you want the prospect to feel?

The very next question you should be asking yourself is how do I build greater trust with the prospect?

The reason you want to ask yourself these questions is the prospect will most likely be very skeptical about what you have to say and offer because they do not know you yet. You are a stranger to them and when you go into the close too fast you will cause them to not want to do business with you because business and marketing is all about relationships.

A solid relationship is all about slowly progressing the relationship and feeling each other out so you know what the full intent of the relationship is going to be. You also want to make sure that you are providing as much value as possible to the client so they have the opportunity to see what you have to offer.

One thing I see a lot of business owners do is I see them think waaaaay to short term and they want to always know what they are going to get out of doing a certain activity. If you think about it, that is not truly serving your prospect but instead you are only serving yourself.

If you are constantly thinking about what every activity will bring you as far as return on investment your mindset is in the wrong place. The prospect will be able to tell that you do not care about them but you only care about building your business and they are just another number with a wallet.

To put this in an everyday scenario...tell your significant other you will only do the dishes, pay the bills, and follow through with your responsibilities if they guarantee you a massage and if not then you are not going to do it!!

I can assure you that the result of that scenario is not going to be good because it feels more like you are only trying to get something as opposed to working as a team and supporting each other.

So apply this thought process to your marketing. Think about all of the problems and obstacles your prospect has and then start mapping out what you can provide to help them solve their problems.

Go deep in this process because I can promise you if you think about what your prospect needs and all of their problems and concerns you will be able to start showing your value to them and THEN they will want to hire/buy from you.

But you have to be willing to give and invest first before you can get a return on anything. So make sure to focus on how you can serve your prospect and build a strong relationship more than anything else.

Once you map out how you can solve your prospects problems then you are gonna want to start finding ways to talk to them on a more detailed level with higher level questions and answers. So what you want to do is start asking them what are they struggling with specifically in their life and give them free advice on how to overcome it.

Give them several pieces of advice in fact to give them options on what they can do. Invest in getting to know them completely and understanding their issues inside and out. Know everything that keeps them up at night!

Once you start having the higher levels of communications where you are going deep into the subjects they really care about the next thing you want to do is start to make them soft offers of what your product or your service can do for them but the key is to NOT pressure them into anything.

Be direct in how you are asking but make sure they know that they can get started whenever they are ready. That is when you truly are thinking about a long term relationship. There are some really direct and aggressive ways to get people to convert really fast but typically those relationships erode over time because the proper trust was not built.

Trust me when you start to think about marketing like this you will be able to create more stuff to help your prospects and you will have a much longer lifetime value of a client because you are in it for the long run.

Be committed to having lifelong customers as opposed to just one offs. Always work on how you can make your relationship stronger and better....not just the product or service.

Ok so how do you put this all into action using social media... particularly paid ads? So to start building awareness boost posts that have no sales in them whatsoever and I mean it...NONE.

Avoid the temptation for going for the kill right away!

The posts that you are going to create are going to solve a problem for your prospect. You can do that in the form of video, written, audio, or all of them.

Different formats perform differently in the algorithms of social media but find a medium that you are good at.

Once you are boosting your content the next step is to analyze your results and start to see who is responding to your posts. Figure out what age group, gender, career, location and all other pieces of data that you can use so you can start to hyper target your audience.

The goal is to find a niche that really responds well to your content and focus more and more on serving them so you can become more influential and have more practice as well.

Once you figure out who is responding the best to your content then the next step is to start running ads to them with soft offers to see if they are ready to convert.

This is where remarketing and retargeting come into place. What you want to do is utilize whatever platform you are using to market...their pixel so you can show relevant messages to relevant audiences.

This is how you can keep top of mind awareness and keep delivering good helpful advice until they are ready. These are the basic steps to getting more clients on social media. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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