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How to Get 652,000 Minutes Watched and over 836,000 Video Views in 2 Months

First to start off this blog post and the claims that I have in the headline/title of course everyone can get tired of seeing nothing but hype when it comes to social media results without showing their actual claims. 

I didn't want to fall into that category so I decided to share a picture of the actual insights from January 1st 2018 to Feb 24th 2018.

So there are a number a tactics that have helped cause these results and I am going to share them with you so if you please you can replicate this for your business. 

Tip number 1 is to make sure you have a quality video that you have created that tells a compelling story. Now my client above has an advantage because that is their specialty which is storytelling through video BUT you can see that if you tell compelling and interesting stories you will get tremendous results. 

Typically what makes these videos perform well is they are NOT sales or product videos. When it comes to marketing particularly on social media you have to be able to tell a story and actually have something people want to watch. Very rarely does the audience really care about your products and services until they feel an emotional attachment. 

So if you want a hack when it comes to creating video content then stay away from focusing on sales with your content videos. Instead put all of your energy into developing a video that drives an emotional response. So be clear on how you want your audience to feel when they watch the video. 

Tip number 2 is to invest in paid content ads. I want you to ask yourself a question and answer it honestly. Do you think that if ALL of your followers were able to see your posts would you be able to build your business? 

If the answer is no.... you should really rethink either your business model or marketing distribution plan. 

If your answer is yes then why would you not just pay to get your content in front of your target audience so you can convert? 

Instead of just paying for ads to ask, ask, ask and drive your following crazy you should invest back into them and give them content that they can actually resonate with. 

If you do it right you will end up getting interest and responses from your target audience and then you will be able to convert them into either a new customer or keep them as a continuous customer. 

So this is not a time to be cheap when it comes to investing in your business. If you don't invest in your business then don't expect massive profits. You get back what you put in just like any other aspect of your life. NOTHING worthwhile comes 100% for FREE.

Tip number 3 is to really fine tune your target audiences and decide who will resonate with your video. If you are using tip number 2 which is to invest in paid ads then you should definitely focus on keeping a tight audience because social media platforms particularly Facebook will reward you based on your relevance score. 

What that basically means in regular terms is if your audience is responding well to the ad then you will end up getting more reach for cheaper because it is in the social media's platforms best interest to show interesting content. 

So be interesting! If your audience is targeted correctly and your content resonates with what you are putting out there then it is possible to get video views at less than a penny per view.... do you realize how cheap that is?!

Once you find an audience that watches your videos and responds well to them then you are going to want to stack that ad and scale it to lookalike audiences based off of custom audiences. 

Once you find a video that works you want to find as many different audiences and ways to use it as humanly possible. 

Those are 3 quick tips that you can use in order to achieve more video views for your business! 

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