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How to create more content for your marketing strategy so you can grow your business

If you are like most business owners you want to increase the number of new customers you are getting on a daily basis and you are stuck with how you should do that. Technology is changing so fast and it feels almost impossible to keep up with all of the new social media and media platforms that you need to advertise on.

You consistently hear that you have to make content in order to market in the new age but then you don't really know what type of content you need to do so you end up either hiring someone to do it for  you or you don't do anything at all.

Content marketing does not need to be that time consuming or difficult if you take the time to come up with a systematic strategy on what messages you want to communicate to your target audiences and then choose the platforms you will promote on.

What you want to be thinking about is how to you give your content a longer shelf life so you can get the maximum result. There are a few ways to do this but below is a process you can use right away to repurpose your content and achieve maximum ROI

  1. create a weekly filming or recording session of the messages you want to share with your audience
  2. have an assistant transcribe what you are saying into a document and then edit that document for errors
  3. have the assistant post it as a blog post on your website
  4. your assistant will then take out the smaller pieces of your long copy that they transcribed and turn them into social media content via posts, quote cards etc...
  5. have your assistant look  and reschedule posts that have had good success or ones that did not get the reach that you wanted

Make sure to have your assistant download social media tools that can automate and schedule things in advance so you can be consistent because as you know consistency is everything in marketing.

If you are not consistent you will not get a return on your investment. And the fastest way to make marketing a waste of money and time (which seems to be every business owners and marketers worst nightmare) is to do random acts of marketing.

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