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Grow your Sales Using This Social Media Marketing Strategy...The Mirror Approach


When you are looking to create powerful marketing messages in your ads you have to make sure that you are utilizing the "mirror approach"

The mirror approach is extremely important because your potential customers will tend to do business with companies that show them who they are. 

What I mean is we as consumers all love to buy things that we feel are custom tailored to what we want and need. 

And the closer the ad looks like someone that is just like us the higher the chance of conversion.

When I see businesses struggle to convert on their ads I usually notice that the ads don't mirror who they are targeting. 

Meaning the ads seem very generic and nothing about the ad communicates to the target audience that this is for them. 

The goal of your marketing creative should be to make it so obvious that your product is designed for your target market that they will have to do almost no thinking on who it is for. 

Remember we only have some much time to gain the customers attention so we don't want to leave anything to chance. 

So what I recommend is you make sure you take the time to create messages and creatives that utilize the mirror approach and you should start to see an increase in your ad conversions and engagement. 

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