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Get Better Marketing Results By Testing More Often

I have learned over the times that the more often you test your ideas and track the results the faster you grow. This is something that I have learned from many guys particularly from Sean Ellis who is considered the founder of the term Growth Hacker. 

I believe you can learn from anyone and from any industry and you can create hybrids of ideas into your own special sauce. 

The one thing that I like about testing very rapidly is it keeps you open minded and you can learn and experiment much faster. 

The drawback to testing much faster is the fear factor of looking stupid or not being successful on your first try. 

You will rarely be successful on your first try or even on your first many tries. That is what usually causes people to quit or even quit too early. 

They are so tied to the end result and the thought that you have to be perfect on the first try that nothing ever happens and so time goes by and you don't make any adjustments or leanings and then you start over again and again making the same mistake which is not testing enough.

One of my goals that I do every week is I do as many tests as possible to see if I can find anything that has some traction. 

The beauty of testing so often is you get better with your starting position each time and you can stack on your learnings to create strong systems. 

Don't be afraid to test out different methods to get to your goals. Maybe something that is working really well for one company or person won't work for you and that is exactly why you should always test to see what works best for you! 

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