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Facebook News Feed Algorithm Change and How It Impacts Business

The changes to the Facebook news feed algorithm has been quite the topic lately because it supposedly will change how much reach business and brand pages will get organically. 

The key word is "organic" because Facebook never mentioned anything about paid ads. Now my theory on what is going on is this change is actually a good thing for good marketers. 

The reason why I say that is I believe Facebook is trying to crack down on click bait and irrelevant news that pages are gaming. 

In order to increase business pages organic reach there has been a lot of engagement baiting which causes more people to like their posts which causes their posts to go viral. 

The problem with these tactics is every time these types of posts go viral they can actually have a negative effect causing the experience of the Facebook user to go down. 

There are a lot of complaints from people who are on Facebook about political posts, fake news, garbage content, etc

What Facebook and all the other social media platforms don't like about these complaints are it causes people to check Facebook less and move to other social media platforms. 

When that happens that means time spent on Facebook goes down and that directly impacts revenue because if there are less users spending less time on their site it causes the return on investment in ads to drop because the quality of the audiences go down. 

When that happens businesses stop advertising. When businesses stop advertising their stock price goes down.

So everything impacts each other whether it seems like it or not. This constant changing of the algorithm always causes a panic with marketers because it does and can impact business in a very big way depending on your business model.

This is why my take is always to learn to improve your marketing skills and focus more on skill acquisition versus marketing channel hacks. 

If you are developing your marketing skills and getting better at writing good copy, taking quality pictures, filming storytelling videos, and engaging with your audience etc 

Those skills transfer from one channel/platform to the next and that will cause marketers to feel more secure because they know they can repeat and reuse their marketing skill sets. 

One thing that will always be the same is we will always be humans and we will always have human desires to connect with other humans. So with that being said mastering communication and psychology will always help you in marketing. We being humans will always stay the same. 

The thing that WILL change ALWAYS (no matter if we like it or not) will be marketing channels/platforms. That will always change and as marketers we will always have to stay on our toes and learn new strategies.

But this is the life we chose and it is an exciting life so embrace it and keep working and fine tuning on the marketing skills/fundamentals and let's keep growing!

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