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Common Social Media Questions

When it comes to social media there are a lot of different variables that play a role in whether your campaigns ultimately get you an ROI (return on investment).

Some of the questions that most business owners and people in general have are 

  • do I need to be on every social media platform?
  • how often should I be posting on every social media platform?
  • what type of content should I be posting on social media? 
  • how do you market your business with no money?

These are all challenges that business owners and brands face and in the audio clip I give much more in depth answers on those questions. 

But here are a few quick tips that I can give you right now that will help you start to take action 

  1. be on the social media platforms that your customers are on. Don't worry about being on the platforms that are the newest shiny object. If your customers are not on the platform don't over emphasize on it.
  2. you should be posting quality content as much as you can as long as that content educates or entertains your target audience. 
  3. post content that is audio, written, or video based and have the content answer some kind of challenging question that your customer has in their head already. 
  4. market your business efficiently by figuring out what types of tactics work and where your customers are coming from and then repeat over and over again until it doesn't work. 

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