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A Sales Strategy That Works On Linkedin

When it comes to selling on Linkedin there is a strategy that my company has used several times successfully that you could directly tie back an ROI (return on investment) from. 

In this video I go over that strategy and how important it is to reach out one to one and build a team out to do so because the average sale on Linkedin will most likely be higher than other marketing channels because of who the audience is. 

This sales strategy requires effort, planning, and of course execution. If you execute this plan correctly you will succeed in your selling process assuming that you have a successful sales process in place! 

Here is a blog post to help you increase your sales if you need more help and strategies

Questions are a big part of succeeding in sales so here are a few tips that you can use to train your sales team and staff! 

If you ever need help with your marketing and sales schedule a consultation with me! 

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