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5 Steps on How to Do Influencer Outreach (with bonus tips)


  1. Identify the influencers that you want to target 
  2. Make sure the influencers have the audience that makes sense for your business
  3. Use the subject line... Quick Question (insert name)
  4. Make the email where you are offering value first to them such as buying one of their products or making a piece of helpful content for their audience
  5. Then you ask your call to action. For example, I will buy one of your products for a giveaway will you post on your page and tell them to follow my page to enter? 

Bonus Tips

  • think long term and continuity when you are setting up these collaborations
  • create new products or services together that you can cross promote
  • use a customer acquisition model to figure out how much it cost you to acquire a new customer from their list
  • track everything from the amount of clicks to the amount of purchases
  • retarget the people who come to your page or website from that promotion and offer them a discount or special to your products or services

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